Clenbuterol weight loss dosage chart for men and women

Clenbuterol popularly known as Clen is used mostly for treating asthma patients in past, but now because of its some special characteristics,  it is used as an effective steroid by men and women for bodybuilding preparation. It is also called as celeb weight loss favorite as it burns fat rapidly. As Clenbuterol is a powerful thermogenic steroid, it increases body’s internal temperature that raises basic metabolic rate (BMR). With overdrive of metabolism, the body uses stored fat for the energy needs. So this leads to burning of calories and the shred of body fat that leaves behind pure and ultra-lean muscle for a totally ripped physique. This steroid usage also enhances cardiovascular performance by increasing the oxygen transportation that enables its users to sculpt perfectly lean and ripped body.Clenbuterol is available both in liquid form and pills form. Pills or liquid clen dosage depends mainly on the user’s needs, but in general, the starting dosage of clen would be 20 mcg. If you’re using liquid Clenbuterol, you must check the measurement used in the bottle. If the bottle says 200 mcg, for instance, the user must take 1/10th of an mcg or ml. Taking right dosage is very important as taking the wrong dosage will not help you gain lean muscle or to reach any of your goals that can be done by Clenbuterol.

For weight loss, clen dosage chart for men is as follows

On Day 1 it must be 20 mcg

On Day 2 it must be 40 mcg

On Day 3 it must be 60 mcg

On Day 4 it must be 80 mcg

Ob Day 5 it must be 100 mcg

On Day 6 it must be 120 mcg

On Day 7 it must be 120 mcg -You should break this 120 mcg dosage into two doses i.e., 60 mcg each

On Day 8 it must be 120 mcg -you should take this dosage normally

On Day 9 it must be100 mcg – It is preferred to take this dosage before the evening

On Day 10 it must be 80 mcg

On Day 11 it must be 60 mcg

On Day 12 it must be 40 mcg and

Finally, on Day 13 it must be 20 mcg

You can increase or decrease this Clenbuterol dosage depending on your needs and also whether you are going to stack this steroid with any another steroid or not.

For Slim, Lean Physique, Clenbuterol dosage for women is as follows:

For first time users, it is better to start with 2 ml dose and to slowly increase this dose to 5 ml by adding 1 ml on every week or on every two weeks. If you find this dosage as very low, you can go for 1/10th of a cc on every day and can double this dosage for every five days until you reach either 80 mcg or 120 mcg. Generally, 120 mcg per day is considered as maximum dosage for women. However, many reach their goals with a maximum of 80 mcg per day.

For the advanced user who wants to focus more on shaping lean muscle, the dosage can be as follows:

On Week 1:10 mcg

On Week 2: 20 mcg

On Week 3: 30 mcg

On Week 4: 40 mcg

On Week 5: 60 mcg

Finally, On Week 6: 80 mcg

After completion of week 6, you can end the clen cycle right there and can resume it after a couple of weeks or you can extend this cycle further and can go for 100 mcg on week 7 and for 120 mcg on week 8.  However taking high dosage more than your requirement will not help you gain lean muscle or to shred body fat but may lead to severe side effects.