Check your Testosterone levels

Testosterone is a potent hormone responsible for muscle building and overall functioning of male human body. Although females do have testosterones in their body, but the percentage is comparatively low. Even after performing vigorous strength training exercises, when a body builder is unable to get bulky muscles; they tend to question about testosterone levels in their bodies? The testosterone is a naturally prepared steroid in men and women. Men tend to have higher levels of this hormone and women tend to have very less amount of this anabolic steroid. Nowadays, many young fitness trainers are finding a need to raise testosterone levels in their body.

Why turn towards steroids?

Fitness can be improved by working out and consuming good nutritious food. However, the need to raise testosterone levels, make one look towards the use of steroids. Most of the times the doctors prescribe the use of steroids, in order to improve the level of testosterone in males. The low levels of this hormone might cause infertility issues, low energy levels, reduced metabolism and resistance. Although, the body produces tis hormone naturally, but due to some physical reasons, there may be a reduction in the production. They allow the tissue building process in the body to be enhanced. It doesn’t allow water retention, and so the muscular build has more striations and is hardy.

How do you need more amount of testosterone?

According to doctors, one may need testosterone externally if there is a reduction of less than 300 nano grams per deci litre. For a healthy man, the levels are in between 300 to 1000 nano grams per deci litre. One can get the details about the levels, with blood test. The serum testosterone can be determined using the pathological tests. However, with age there will be a fall in levels and can experience reduction in the levels of this hormone. The symptoms which are observed are – lack of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, decreased bone density, mood swings, low metabolism rate, less activeness.

Causes and Cure:

The causes of low levels of testosterone can be due to hormonal disorders, injury to testicles or tumours in the region, HIV/AIDS or kidney or liver disease. The other effects can be due to Type 2 diabetes or obesity. In the case of body builders, if they are potential users of anabolic steroids, the ability of body to produce the testosterones naturally decreases.

Treating the low levels of testosterone:

Actually, in order to treat the imbalance of testosterones, the anabolic steroids have been designed. The anabolic steroids work perfectly well in case of people suffering with this issue. But, if normal people consume the anabolic steroid for other purposes, it might lead to adverse effects. For treating the low levels of hormone, the commonly available boosters are Androderm, Axion, Testin and many more. Alternatively, one can treat it naturally by losing weight, changing sleep patterns, increase of zinc in diet, cutting down on sugar and regular exercise and protein rich diet.